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Our story starts way back in 1881 when a man by the name of Henry Ballantyne built Minden House from the ground up. Henry was the brother of David Ballantyne, founder and owner of the March Street Mills – more about the Mills later.

In the 1940s, local butcher, Mr Sinclair moved into Minden House and lived there happily with his family for many years. Since then, the Park has gone through a number of different owners until eventually, we took over the reins back in 2014. We’ve made some changes. Scratch that. We’ve made lots of changes.

Taking inspiration and a selection of unloved odds and ends from the old Peebles March Street Mills (which was sadly forced to close for good back in 2015), we’ve turned these bits and bobs into something new and exciting, and the Park into Scotland’s first upcycled hotel. Thanks to the efforts of our Chief Upcycler and former Mill employee, Ann Napier, the history of the town’s textile industry is alive and well within our walls; welcoming you through our doors, hanging from our walls and cushioning you in our bar. Mill signage, spindles, spools, fabrics, even machinery – all finding new life and purpose.

We’ve completely revamped all of our public spaces in an effort to make them exactly that – public. Our restaurant has a new look and, more importantly, an incredible new menu inspired by our history and Mr Sinclair. We’ve got a bakery filled with freshly baked artisan breads, sandwiches, pies and sweet treats, and even a public art gallery showcasing a combination of local talent and upcycled art projects.

So, come in and experience our new lease of life for yourself, here at The Park.