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Escape the City and Experience Peace



Image courtesy of Pete

City life, no matter how much you love it, can eventually wear you down. The constant hustle and bustle, noise, pollution, and general overcrowded feelings can grind a person down. Even the most staunch city lovers must feel the need to get away for some tranquility sometimes and what better place to visit than the peace and quiet of the Scottish Borders?

Here at the Park Hotel in Peebles, we feel that the Borders and Peebles area of Scotland has so much to offer that if you visit, you will want to stay forever. Peebles is a town with only about 8,000 people and its central location makes it easy to get to Selkirk and Galashiels, as well as Lanark and Edinburgh.

Using your Passport to Peebles

As a bonus, when you stay with us at the Park Hotel, you will get a Passport to Peebles Hydro that will allow you to relax in our leisure pool and gym. We offer special deals throughout the year, so check them out and take advantage of the chance to use your Passport to the Peebles Hydro. Peebles Hydro also has a choice of dining options available, spa and outdoor activities available at a small cost.

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Special Deals and Midweek offers

Our midweek breaks are even better for beating the crowds and experiencing the calm and peaceful place that we call home. You’ll be to explore the local area with long walks, find a bargain in one of our town’s independent shops or even go trekking with Alpacas! City life is not for everyone, but for those who love it, it is still worthwhile to walk away every so often and just take a couple of days to get back to your own roots and be one with nature.