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The Peebles Agricultural Society Show

Part of the charm and history of Scotland is its strong attachment to agriculture. A long and happy marriage between the Scots and the land goes back, of course, to the days when modern farming technology didn’t exist, and people worked the land. It was a way of life that many Scottish farmers still respect, look back on and relish. However, time’s change, technology moved forward and with it a technological revolution that changed the face of farming forever.

King Arthur First Prize Peebles Show
Image courtesy of Alan Stanton

The Need to Show Off

One of the other things that happened over the centuries was the need to gather together and show off special skills, prize cattle and other interesting achievements. The agricultural show started out as a small village-centred event where farmers would gather with their best prize cattle, horses and sheep and show them off. It also extended to farmer’s markets, shops and stalls and crafts that local people made. The whole village would show up, and it would become a grand exhibition of friendly rivalry—and some not so friendly, no doubt.

Kids at Farm
Image courtesy of Celeste Lindell

We Welcome You

This year’s Peeblesshire Agricultural Show is being held on Saturday 16th August where premium animals in Nether Horsburgh Farm will be there for the crowds to marvel. You can also experience the fun of the farm at Georgie City Farm and Craigie’s Farm, both a 45 minute drive from our hotel.

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